10%, Pension, Widowed Pension, Early Pension, To purchase House from your pension Fund, To refund AHV. etc.

Also we are helping the Tamils to obtain the Pension and AHV of their diseased family head who earned Pension while he was working in Swiss. It should be noted that the full amount could be obtained provided his wife is presently living in any countries other than Swiss. But it will not be possible to apply if the children under the age of 18 are living in Swiss. We are also taking action to obtain Pension and AHV of your deceased husband monthly. We could take action to obtain Pension even though wife and children are living any counties other than Swiss.

Visa Arrangements

We are arranging Visa to those who want to visit any countries from Swiss. But we will not entertain any application already made by you and rejected.

To Obtain Insurance Policies

We will arrange Visa for the parents of those who have PR or Citizenship to visit to Swiss for any function or celebration and return. We could help to obtain their insurance policy in cheap rates.

Marriage Registration

We are ready to arrange all the facilities for registration of marriage or to arrange Visa to their spouse to Swiss who have already married.

Pension Arrangements

You could contact us for any help in case you want to obtain Pension fund to purchase House or to obtain Pension before the age of retirement age (58-60).

Steuererklarung Formullar – To assist you to submit less annual income.

If you are a married person or single you are paying a certain amount to Govt. We will arrange to pay a nominal amount (less amount) if you could submit the necessary documents about your monthly salary and the amount you pay monthly. For this purpose we will help you to fill the necessary forms( Steuererklarung Formular ). We will advice you about the items to be included or omit.

Housing Loans from Banks

Arrangements are being made for Housing Loans from Banks on less interest rate. If it is necessary, action will also be made to pay the interest once in three months.

The place of your residence will not be considered for making applications.

Even though the application already made by you and rejected, we will find out the reasons for that and do the needful to obtain the loan. Until such time you own the property we will follow up your case.

You will not be disappointed and come to know that the rate of interest arranged by us is very much lesser compared to others while the Bank loan documents are signed by you.

All the documents submitted by you should be genuine and reliable.

Rajani Web Design

We offer Mobile/Google Friendly STATIC WEBSITE DESIGN which include,

  • Attractive Design Theme
  • Upto 5 Static Web Pages
  • Google Page Speed Test
  • Google Friendly Website
  • Mobile Responsive


1. In terms of Swiss Law, a widowed wife could apply and get the recovered amount from his salary within 5 years after death. No application after five years will be entertained.

2. No refund will be made to any one in case of the unmarried deceased employees.

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